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What is Ria Rewards?

Looking after family overseas takes a special kind of person. At Ria, we call these people heroes. Ria Rewards is a program that provides a Thank You to heroes on behalf of their loved ones.

By being a hero and supporting loved ones overseas, Ria supports you and all your efforts!

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How does Ria Rewards work?

Send Money

Send money to your loved ones as per normal

Receive Thank You

For each $1 you send, you will receive 1 Thank You from Ria on behalf of your loved ones

Redeem Thank You

Heroes deserve to be rewarded. Use all your Thank You to redeem for items in the Ria Rewards store.

How to earn thanks?

Send money with Ria

1 thank you for every $1 sent

How TO Earn

Birthday Bonus

Earn 500 thanks

How TO Earn

Review your Transfer

Earn 80 thanks

How TO Earn

Review Ria

Earn 300 thanks

How TO Earn

Welcome Bonus

Earn 2,000 thanks

How TO Earn

Rewards and Benefits

  • Rewards

    Heroes can redeem their Thanks for exclusive rewards:

    • Ria fee discounts
    • Money transfer credit
    • eGift Cards
  • Benefits

    Heroes unclock exclusive benefits:

    • Discounted eGift Cards
    • Discounted movie tickets
    • Discounted travel perks (hotels & car hire)
    • Discounted health insurance
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